Mottola’s Life In The Fastlane a GO!

Producer /Director Gene Mottola is burning up the track with delayed start of “Life in the Fastlane”. Seems his cast and crew all stayed with the project even with the productions set backs. This is a feather in the cap to any director in Hollywood. The movies website address is:  This was picked up this week from a call to Mottola Entertainment. We learn the movie is currently in the process of product placement, the key to any movies exposure and some times success. We were not told who the sponsors will be but they will be soon posted on the website and on The Branding Channel  Keating Supercars from Manchester England is now is the star car lead position.  Keating is currently building a new super car to be unveiled in Mottola’s “Life in the Fastlane” A visit to the Mottola website you will find a very interesting piece of music in the above center. Seems Gene Mottola has rearranged a classic piece of rock history. The 1976 Eagles hit song “Life in the Fast Lane”. Face it, there has been scores of remakes over the years, very few were good, most were swept under the rug fast. This is not one of them.. We were told this was just a pre production demo but Mottola’s arrangement is precise and well carried out by Peru native Alessa Novelli. The final cut should be a well added plus to both Mottola and Novelli. A full outline can be found along with cast and crew on the website. Mottola’s other project this year has ranged from music to television

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